Autopilot and Other Tech Trends from UiPath

UiPath has long held a prominent position in AI due to its robotic process automation tools. These tools empower businesses to streamline operations by automating repetitive tasks like data entry, reducing costs and errors. UiPath’s platform utilizes AI models to learn and replicate these tasks, creating software robots for automated workflows.

The launch of Autopilot signifies UiPath’s commitment to advancing business automation. Autopilot seamlessly integrates generative AI with a library of specialized AI models, simplifying the process to the extent that it becomes accessible to all, marking a significant step in the evolution of AI-powered automation.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the new AI innovations from UiPath that will take your RPA skills and experience to the next level.

UiPath Autopilot will make AI at work a reality

During the global user conference FORWARD VI, held from October 9-12, 2023 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, UiPath unveiled its latest AI-driven features, including Autopilot, a powerful fusion of Generative AI, Specialized AI, and automation. Autopilot empowers users to swiftly automate tasks using natural language, bridging the gap that enterprises have faced in achieving digital transformation.

With a simple click, UiPath Autopilot can convert paper documents into automation-powered applications, finally making digital transformation a reality for businesses. These new AI capabilities within the UiPath Business Automation Platform open up unexplored avenues for automation and process improvement. They ensure the efficient development of automation while maintaining the high-quality standards required for enterprise operations.

AI-powered Autopilot capabilities include:

  • For developers – Empowers both professional and citizen automation developers to create automation, code, and expressions with natural language. In UiPath Apps, Generative AI-powered experiences help developers create workflows, generate expressions, build automation, and even create automation-powered apps from PDFs or images.
  • For everyone – Autopilot for UiPath Assistant provides an AI companion to partner with any user to tackle tasks and will include Clipboard AI, a time-saving feature for copying and pasting complex data between applications. These AI tools rapidly decrease the time typically needed to accomplish data-intensive work and tedious tasks. Business users can also use API and UI automation to update the line of business systems to automate more work under human supervision.
  • For automation testers – Autopilot for Test Suite accelerates every phase of the testing lifecycle, generates tests from requirement documents, and surfaces actionable insights from execution results.
  • For business analysts – Autopilot for Process Mining enables business analysts to use natural language to filter, summarize, and create dashboards for their automation opportunities. Also, Autopilot for Communications Mining gives automation centre-of-excellence team comprehensive tools to uncover automation opportunities through natural language prompts.

UiPath Certified Professional Program Enhancements: Stay updated with the latest RPA trends

UiPath Certified Professional is a global certification program that validates your RPA skills and knowledge. It helps you stand out from the crowd and showcase your expertise to employers and clients.

UiPath Certified Professional is excited to announce major Program Enhancements, which include:

  • The contents of the Developer Track certification exams will be refreshed from product version 21.10 to 22.10. The exam contents will also be aligned with the modern design experience.
  • The Introduction of the Specialized AI Professional certification: This certification validates your ability to use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in your automation solutions.
  • These exciting changes are scheduled to roll out on October 13th 2023 GMT. For detailed information about the latest program updates and developments, please click here.

In other news

  • UiPath announces new connectors for Google AI and Google Workspace at Google Cloud Next 2023 conference: These new connectors will make it easier for UiPath customers to use Google AI and Google Workspace services to automate their business processes.
  • UiPath unveils winners of inaugural AI10 Awards: The AI10 Awards recognize the top 10 companies that are using UiPath AI Center to automate their businesses and drive innovation.
  • AI and automation accelerating rapid, large-scale business change across multiple sectors – Bain & Company and UiPath survey: A new survey by Bain & Company and UiPath found that AI and automation are accelerating rapid, large-scale business change across multiple sectors. The survey also found that companies that are using AI and automation effectively are outperforming their competitors.
  • UiPath honours global winners of the 2023 Partner Awards at FORWARD VI Conference: UiPath honoured its global partners at the FORWARD VI Conference for their outstanding contributions to the UiPath ecosystem.
  • Introducing the Next Evolution of UiPath Academy: A Gateway to AI at Work: UiPath Academy has been revamped to provide a more comprehensive and engaging learning experience for students of all levels. The new UiPath Academy includes a new AI track that teaches students how to use UiPath AI Center to develop and deploy AI-powered automation solutions.

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