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Cisco WebEx Calling: Three Takeaways From Cisco Live

The Cisco Live is a digital experience which is a broadcasting and technical on-demand training. In addition, to the knowledgable session, the live event includes attractive sections. Notably, interesting activities, interactive sessions with experts, social media engagement, Innovation talks and technical content. This talk was filmed at Web experience Zone at  Cisco Live US in San Diego. The blog highlights Cisco Webex Calling: Three Takeaways From Cisco Live the US. The perfect blend of Webex Platform and Cloud Calling technology.

Cisco Webex Calling

Previously, Webex Calling was as known as Spark Calling. Cloud-based phone calling predominantly used for midsized business. Important to realize, it has all essential business calling capabilities. The expenses and the management phone system infrastructure. By and large, WebEx cloud management which facilitates to focus on important matters. Cisco WebEx ensures easy and natural communication. Critical features of Cisco WebEx calling includes:

Phones multiple locations and individuals

Cisco Webex Calling supports a broad spectrum of Cisco 7800 Series and 8800 Series IP Phones at any instant. Notably, lobby area, office space or conference room or work from home space. Everything is co-existing.

Complete PBX capabilities

Personalized voice mailboxes and virtual receptionist enabled welcome calling capabilities. Some examples are direct inward dialling (DID) numbers, Extension number calling and directory-based dialling.

An improved mobile Experience

WebEx Teams app enables Incoming and outgoing calls. In effect, Productivity increases with screen and file sharing, messaging and more. As a result, complete meetings capabilities are now available anywhere.

Security and encryption from end to end

Ensures Business protection from threats. Including, encrypted phone registration, phone signalling, voicemail, activation, audio, and video streams. Additionally, Encryption enables end to end security.

Cloud management

Webex Calling is user friendly and natural to plan, control, and set up. The Webex Control Hub provides an easy interface for IT to update change. Similarly, Self-care portal suggests users can handle essential settings and decisions on their own.

PSTN services available from preferred partners

Webex Calling doesn’t include PSTN services. Meanwhile, WebEx Calling provides emergency dialling, local, long-distance, and DID services.

Three key take-aways

WebEx Calling is worldwide and Fully Integrated with the Webex Platform

In the first place, Globally WebEx platform introduced in the USA. Subsequently, it spread to other countries. Ultimately, By 2022 WebEx Calling will be available in approximately 70 odd countries. As a result, makes it an enterprise-ready for cloud calling solution.

Webex Calling provides leading enterprise cloud calling capabilities across industries. With this in mind, the System is built on multi-tenant, carrier-grade calling design and fused within the existing Cisco WebEx Platform. Collaboration suite comprises of WebEx calling, scheduling meetings, team collaborations, contact centre, messaging with integrated Cisco Devices.

WebEx Calling provides the features and flexibility enterprises requires. The platform is designed such that it enables mobile workforce everywhere. Additionally, Cisco delivers exclusive enterprise-level security.

Webex Calling is a Proven, Cloud-Calling Solution for Mid-Market and Enterprise Businesses

Important to realize, Small business segment adopted cloud calling in the first place. the primary advantages of Small business customers are reduced IT spend. And the cost latest cost efficiencies of the cloud platform. Additionally, due to their tiny size, cloud data can be transferred all at once due to their tiny size.

Cloud Calling did not meet the expectations of the enterprise segments and mid-market earlier. As a result, they adopted Cloud calling later. However, corporate leads around digital transformation made through enterprise and mid-market. In other words, Unified communications simplifications, IT cost reduction, in addition to the latest cloud innovation enabled the expanding segments in the market now.

Point often overlooked, WebEx Calling practices adapting to changing requirements of the enterprise and mid-market. As a result, Webex Calling has developed with one of the industry’s most robust and proven cloud calling architectures. Hence, and marketed by leading telecom service providers across the globe. Notably, Business action, single number identity, fixed-mobile convergence, capabilities to integrate back end systems built cloud solutions to tailor requirements.

Organizations Across Multiple Verticals Are Rapidly Adopting Webex Calling

Cisco received various midmarket and enterprise Webex Calling opportunities across diverse horizons. For example, Financial assistance, Retail/hospitality, Managed Services and Healthcare.

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Aggressive pricing and simplified buying have supported new mid-market and enterprise customers. Additionally, achieved operational savings with their cost reduction missions upfront. The significant reduction in management expenses and other ongoing savings which is a part of cloud migration.

Why Choose Cisco Webex Calling?

Evidently, Cisco is leading in the market for on-premises calling and cloud. Meanwhile, with the existing 45% of the on-premises market share and 57% cloud market share. Important to realize, Cisco collaboration is great at this instant, which has 20 plus years of experience and innovation which drives us. Cisco Webex calling: Three takeaways from Cisco Live gives us a picture of how WebEx Calling works with midsized business.

High definition video cloud calling and high-Quality audio calling can be enjoyed from any office location, home to make and receive calls from a range of Cisco IP phones. These IP phones are specially designed for a better experience. Cisco Calling is available in several countries making it widely available service in cloud services.

Cisco in networking constantly creates milestones and always provides several possibilities in any organization. Comprehensive Cisco training from Trainocate offers training and certifications for Every individual at various levels. Get Cisco Certified NOW with Trainocate.

Trainocate offers best-in-class Cisco training on all architectures viz routing and switching, security, wireless, data centre, Unified Communication and every other Cisco product.

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