Cloud on Your Terms

Never settle for cloud chaos. What you need is a simple, flexible, and cost-efficient cloud platform. One that offers freedom of choice and enables true hybrid and multicloud computing. Most enterprises today, have adopted some type of cloud computing within their IT environment. They may start out using a single private or public cloud platform, but more companies are moving beyond a single cloud platform toward a hybrid, or multicloud, ecosystem.

Your way to zero compromises

It’s time to embrace an open hybrid multicloud software platform that lets you focus on your business outcomes. With built-in automation and self-service, your business objectives always remain a top priority, plus you can use cloud credits and carry over portable licenses across any cloud or hardware platform of your choice. It’s just that simple.

Your infrastructure that works for you

Complex infrastructure costs more than just high upkeep fees. It costs you your valuable time, resources, and energy, leaving your business treading water instead of reaching its full potential. Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure puts you in the driver’s seat, so you call the shots on the technology you need and the pricing schedule that makes the most sense. HCI is the ideal foundation for your apps, data, services, and any Kubernetes distribution you want to deploy, empowering you with more time and resources to get any job done right.

You call the shots in your cloud

Your choices drive your business. You’re free to choose the best hardware for your software environment. Plus, select your ideal clouds and run them on a single, easy-to-manage platform. And best of all, choose what you want from our partnership. We’re here to help you realize your vision, so what you say goes.

Your peace of mind

Staying competitive means working with an IT partner that acts like one—one that sees the future of hybrid multicloud and makes sure you stay several steps ahead. We have a proven track record of putting our customers first. It’s in our 90+ Net Promoter Score (NPS). It’s in our 19,000+ network of happy customers. And It’s in the reclaimed nights and weekends you can spend doing what you choose.

Your apps in any cloud

Are your apps fueling your business growth, or are you encumbered by complex migrations with inconsistent performance and availability? Don’t compromise on your business-critical apps. Our hybrid-ready platform gives you the performance, simplicity, and scalability you need as you grow and keeps your costs in check. You can also migrate into and out of the cloud(s) of your choice without any hiccups. The power of choice is always in your hands.

Your ultra-secure data

Data is the heart of your business, but that doesn’t mean managing and storing your data has to be complex. Store your sensitive data on a platform designed for security, native hardening, security auditing, and protection from threats. Complexity creates vulnerabilities, so regain your peace of mind with a zero-trust security philosophy that prioritizes your data, and above all, your business’s integrity.

Nutanix hybrid and multicloud solutions are uniquely suited to meet your company’s needs because Nutanix provides visibility and control over infrastructure and applications across your entire hybrid cloud, which makes it more agile, more scalable, and ultimately more efficient and cost effective. Nutanix reduces the cost of deploying and operating a hybrid or multicloud, while increasing organizational agility.

Trainocate being an Authorized Nutanix Training Center delivers various courses & certifications offered by Nutanix for all levels of expertise. Let Trainocate help you take the leap into uncompromising cloud freedom.

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