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In the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI), generative AI (GenAI) stands out as a transformative technology, reshaping how we interact with machines. GenAI is not just about understanding; it’s about creating. From text to images, and even code, GenAI models have the potential to innovate across industries. Recognizing this potential, AWS has introduced an expertly crafted course: Developing Generative AI Applications on AWS.

This two-day training is designed to empower software developers with the knowledge and skills to harness the power of GenAI. Whether you’re looking to improve customer experiences or solve complex business challenges, this course is your gateway to the future of AI applications.

What You Will Learn

The course covers a comprehensive curriculum that includes:

  • The basics and benefits of GenAI, along with associated terminology.
  • Steps for planning a GenAI project and the foundations of prompt engineering.
  • Building applications that can generate text, summarize content, answer questions, and interact with users through a chatbot interface.
  • By the end of the training, participants will be adept at developing applications that leverage AWS services to create and manage GenAI solutions.

Who Should Attend

The course is ideal for software developers who are interested in leveraging large language models without the need for fine-tuning. It’s recommended that attendees have intermediate-level proficiency in Python and have taken the AWS Technical Essentials course.

Course Highlights

  • Amazon Bedrock: Dive into the architecture patterns for building GenAI applications using Amazon Bedrock and LangChain.
  • Prompt Engineering: Learn the art of crafting prompts to effectively communicate with foundation models (FMs).
  • Hands-On Experience: Engage in group exercises, and demonstrations, and get a chance to implement a demonstration of Amazon Bedrock in the AWS Management Console.

The Urgency of Upskilling in GenAI

  • With 44% of workers’ skills set to be disrupted by AI in the next 5 years, the urgency to upskill is clear.
  • Nearly 3/4 of IT managers report skills gaps, yet only 36% have plans to address them.

This course is a direct response to that need, providing the essential training to stay ahead in rapidly evolving technology fields.

The Value of Training and Certification

  • Investing in training can yield significant returns. For instance, each $10,000 invested in additional training can generate over $100,000 in additional value compared to non-certified counterparts.
  • Moreover, 76% of employees will stay longer with learning opportunities, 37% received raises after training, and 41% are happier in their jobs because of training.

Why Choose This Course?

AWS’s training course is more than just an educational program; it’s an investment in your future. With GenAI, you can:

  • Create innovative solutions that were previously unimaginable.
  • Gain a competitive edge in the job market as a GenAI-savvy developer.
  • Join a community of forward-thinkers who are shaping the next wave of AI.

Trainocate: Your Partner in Learning

As you embark on this journey to master GenAI, Trainocate stands with you. As an authorized training partner, Trainocate offers the Developing Generative AI Applications on AWS course, ensuring you receive the highest quality education and support throughout your learning experience.

Embrace the future of AI with AWS and Trainocate. Enrol now and be at the forefront of the GenAI revolution.

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