How to showcase your tech skills with Microsoft Applied Skills

Are you looking for a way to demonstrate your proficiency in specific, scenario-based skill sets that are in high demand in the tech industry? Do you want to stand out from the crowd and impress your current or potential employers with your abilities to implement critical projects aligned with business goals and objectives? If so, you might be interested in earning Microsoft Applied Skills, a new type of verifiable credential that validates your technical skills for real-world situations.

What are Microsoft Applied Skills?

Microsoft Applied Skills is a new platform that enables you to display your technical skills for real-world scenarios. They differ from Microsoft Certifications, which validate your knowledge and skills for specific job roles. Microsoft Applied Skills is more focused and task-oriented, requiring you to complete a series of hands-on challenges that simulate real-world technical situations.

For example, you can earn an Applied Skill for deploying cloud-native apps using Azure Container Apps, developing generative AI solutions with Azure OpenAI Service, or configuring SIEM security operations using Microsoft Sentinel. These are just some of the scenarios that are currently available, and more will be added in the future to cover emerging technologies and business needs.

Why should you earn Microsoft Applied Skills?

Microsoft Applied Skills can help you showcase your technical abilities and differentiate yourself from other candidates or employees. By earning an Applied Skill, you can prove that you have the targeted skills needed to implement critical projects in your organisation or industry. You can also use your Applied Skill as a verifiable credential to share on your resume, LinkedIn profile, or other social media platforms.

Microsoft Applied Skills can also help you learn new skills or enhance your existing ones. By completing the hands-on challenges, you can gain practical experience and feedback on your performance. You can also access Microsoft Learn resources and expert guidance to help you prepare for the challenges and improve your skills.

How can you earn Microsoft Applied Skills?

To earn a Microsoft Applied Skill, you need to register for the scenario that you are interested in and complete the required challenges within a specified time limit. The challenges test your ability to perform specific tasks using Microsoft technologies and tools. You will need to have some prior knowledge and experience in the relevant domain, as well as access to a Microsoft account and an Azure subscription.

 You can find the list of available scenarios and their prerequisites on the Microsoft Learn website. You can also explore the Microsoft Learn content hub to find learning paths and modules that can help you prepare for the challenges. Once you register for a scenario, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the challenge environment and start the challenges. You will also receive feedback on your performance and a score report at the end of the challenges. If you pass the challenges, you will earn the Applied Skill and receive a digital badge that you can share and verify online.

Applied Skills FAQs

How can Trainocate help you earn Microsoft Applied Skills?

Trainocate is an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of Microsoft, and we have received all 6 Microsoft Solutions Partner designations. We are committed to helping individuals and organizations achieve their learning and career goals with Microsoft technologies. We offer a range of training courses and programs that can help you prepare for Microsoft Applied Skills, as well as Microsoft Certifications and other credentials.

Our training courses are delivered by certified instructors who have extensive experience and expertise in the relevant domains. Our courses are designed to provide you with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you need to succeed in your projects. Our courses are also aligned with the latest Microsoft curriculum and best practices, and they include hands-on labs, exercises, and assessments to reinforce your learning and test your skills.

Whether you want to learn online or in-person, at your own pace or with a group, we have a training option that suits your needs and preferences. You can choose from our scheduled courses, custom courses, or private courses, depending on your availability, budget, and learning objectives. You can also access our online learning platform, which offers a variety of learning resources and tools, such as videos, quizzes, practice tests, and more.

If you are interested in earning Microsoft Applied Skills, or any other Microsoft credentials, we invite you to browse our course catalogue and enrol in the course that matches your interests and goals. You can also contact us for more information and guidance on how to plan your learning journey with us. We look forward to helping you achieve your learning and career goals with Microsoft technologies.

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