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Ways to Use Cisco IP Phones and InformaCast for Safety

During an emergency when there are no phones and no power everyone needs a plan B in which they can make themselves safe in such situations. Cisco along with the Informa Cast, mass notification software a message can be sent to many devices which helps to ensure everyone is informed about a potentially dangerous situation. As a matter of fact, speed and access are very essential factors in an emergency. Different methods to implement Cisco IP Phones and InformaCast for Safety will be discussed.

Cisco IP Phones and InformaCast

Live Audio Paging technology

In an organization, users can broadcast to the Cisco IP phones by just entering a code or by pressing a button. To reach out to the huge number of people the most convenient method which is also reliable is Live Audio paging technology than normal calling.

Recorded Audio Messages

Messages can be recorded and then broadcasted, or users can activate pre-recorded messages right from their phone as well and then further be activated by entering a speed dial code or pressing a pre-configured button on the Cisco IP phone. The recorded message has an edge over the live audio messages as it can be well planned to ensure the instructions being communicated are clear.

Panic Buttons

Virtual panic attacks are configured on Cisco IP phones to activate the pre-recorded audio messages and emergencies like lockdowns with help of InformaCast. With appropriate configurations, a button accessed in Cisco IP phone can activate the door locks, light up the strobes, send out digital signals and activate the desktop notifications. Furthermore, types of panic buttons are Panic buttons configured for IP phones, SIP panic buttons, M2M Plug-Ins, Wireless Panic buttons and Desktop computer shortcuts

Visual Displays

Messages delivered as text can be displayed on Cisco IP phones which have screens in addition to the audio component. On the positive side, the messages and images are customizable, the colours that align with an organization or represent a threat. Another key feature is that the message notifications are creative and cannot be missed.

Confirmation Responses

Visual messages trigger a response. It can ask for the recipient’s safety. That’s when the recipient can reply by pressing a number or corresponding button on their Cisco IP phone. As a result, Administrators understand people who need assistance with this response which helps them to direct additional resources.

Alerts to All Devices

Firstly, Cisco IP phones trigger InformaCast mass notifications from IP speakers, mobile devices, digital signage, and more. The number of channels is directionally proportional to the reach. And keep the employees away from the threats during an emergency.

When do u need Cisco IP Phones and InformaCast?

An organizations top priority is always its employees which ensure everyone is safe and secure.  To keep informed and safe during an emergency, An Emergency Notification system always leverages the spread of news quickly. Hence, choosing the best system for an organization depends on requirements. As with any critical investment, it’s important to have all the facts before deciding.

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