Life after MCO ! 3 Steps To Engage Virtual Teams

MCO has not only flatten the curve successfully. It has also flatten the motivation and rhythm of work place. Yes, there are many tools available to communicate with the team virtually. However, struggle to re-engage workforce to their optical performance, still remains. Ranging from:

  • Building trust and making authentic connections with your Virtual team members,
  • Communicating change,
  • Gaining productivity through the change initiative,
  • Getting results in least amount of time,
  • Juggling priorities,
  • and the list of unprecedented challenges in leading a troop goes on.
  • Team members are People first,
    Employees second.

    As an individual they may be combating many challenges. Pay cuts, ill family member, mental health challenges, financial difficulties are just to name a few. Many of these factors are difficult to capture over a Virtual Call. Leading is a tough job. It is way more then managing. While the art of leading can differ from one to another and takes practice to master, techniques of leading can be learnt. Many leadership courses has the science part covered.

    What can a leader do to engage a team member with their work activities ?

    How can work activities be a mood lifter for them ?

    Intention of this article is to share 3 Steps process. That can effectively help to manage the performance of the team members.

    The 3 Steps :

    The continual communication process of 3 steps acts as a bridge between the “wants” of organization and “wants” of employee.


  • Begin with establishing expectations and duties.
  • Identify important duties.
  • Build SMART* Goal for the important duties.
  • Establish how you will work together with them in achieving the goal.
    *Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Relevant – Time-bound.

  • Layout everyday feedback.
  • Conduct coaching discussions.
  • Delegate Tasks for development.
  • Talk about Discipline.

  • Evaluate points to Appraise.
  • Write Appraisal.
  • Discuss Appraisal.
  • There is a possibility that as a leader you may be practicing some of these steps. We hope that listing them out here can help to organize the approach of performance management. Additionally, it can help in creating effective Virtual Coaching plan for a team member to enhance their ability to deliver better results.

    We hope that life after MCO, a new normal, an economic reboot, can be a better and smoother start by re-engaging your team members to work and guiding them through coaching.

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