Microsoft Exam Azure Certification and Training

Microsoft Azure Exam Certification and Training is one of the primary criteria for employers. They use to hire professionals as well. There is always an advantage of a Microsoft Azure Certified technologist who earns 15% higher than their uncertified counterparts. Hiring is faster when an individual holds a certification. A Valid Microsoft Azure Certification helps an individual in many ways. Mainly, in recruitment, Display comprehensible business impact and advance career opportunities. A valid Certification is always a better idea.

If you want to know why you should do the Microsoft Azure Certifications, how to be a Microsoft Azure Certified Professional and what Azure Certification exam and career path is appropriate for you? You are at the right spot.

Cloud Computing Potential

Every organizations are migrating their vital database to the cloud. Further, everyone would require cloud management skills to handle such critical information. Also, Cloud computing has massive potential and is the fastest growing technology-based on reports from IDC white paper.

Leading vendors have made significant existence in the cloud area, distinctive services in Cloud Computing spectrum like Google Cloud Platform, AWS, IBM Cloud Rackspace etc. Meanwhile, the Microsoft Azure is leading the market, with an application workload of 29 % of the overall cloud market. Therefore, explains why Microsoft Azure Certifications are the most demanding requirement in the industry.

Cloud Computing is documented well and is updated. Any technology is updated with time. Knowledge of evolving technology is a bonus.
Trainocate offers you a range of certification. An appropriate Microsoft course can be chosen, based on your organization’s requirements.

Role-based Microsoft Azure Exam Certification and Training 

Microsoft came up with the unique strategy of new trending specific roles in the market and industry-centric courses. This influences the decision making of IT professionals and the hiring recruiters. Microsoft Azure Exam Certification and Training concludes there are different exams and certification pathway. These are based on the area of interest and specific job roles. Role-based Azure Certification strategy is based on the study by engagement of the community post identifying the job requirements.

Microsoft Azure provides exams at different levels. To be an Ultimate Microsoft Azure certified professional, one must clear a set of exams. Overall, Microsoft Azure Exam Certification and Training are categorized into three levels: Fundamental, Associate, and Expert. Find the list of Role-based certifications here

Azure Fundamentals Level Certification:

To earn a Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals certification, one must clear this optional exam. The exam tests the fundamentals of Microsoft and basic cloud skills. Therefore, if required an individual can move ahead with Azure Certification, the only Azure Fundamental exam is Microsoft Certified Azure – Fundamentals Exam AZ-900

Azure Associate Level Certification:

An individual must clear Associate level exams to earn Associate-level certifications. Below is the list of Azure Associate Level Certifications are: Azure Database Administrator Associate, Azure Data Scientist Associate, Azure Administrator Associate, Azure AI Engineer Associate, Azure Data Engineer Associate, Azure Security Engineer Associate and Azure Developer Associate

Expert Level Certification

Another key point one does not require Associate Level Certification to clear Expert level Certifications. Recommended to move to Expert Level, after Associate level Certifications. Azure Associate Level Certifications are Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert and Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert

Quick Steps to Choose the Right Certification

You can choose the right Azure Certification pathway and exam for you with critical points in mind. Find list of Role-based Microsoft Azure Exam Certification here.

In the first place, decide on the Azure solution area you want to expertise.Fundamental exams are optional; however, it is up to every individual to choose, Whether they want to get started directly with role-based or fundamentals exams. Also, fundamental exams ensure one has basic knowledge for the specific role-based exams. Finally, this exam gives a hands-on experience of the upcoming Microsoft exams, testing procedure and format of questions.  Subsequently, choose the role you want to certify and expertise. Role-based certifications available on the solution area and type.Evaluate and understand the pre-requisites for specific certification. Choose the initial exam you want to begin with. Then, prepare well for Examination.

Career Prospects with Microsoft Exam Azure Certification

Any IT Professional who has completed the Microsoft Azure Exam Certification and Training gains an additional advantage over their noncertified counterpart. Now that, the possibilities of getting hired rises. Then, added recognition from the reporting managers. Also, Supervisors and promotion opportunities work in their favour. Hence, several organizations sponsor for the Microsoft Azure Exam Certification and Training vouchers for their employees.
Microsoft Cloud Certification is appropriate for any IT professional who configures, deploys and designs Windows Server environment, either cloud-based or individual network which consists of several systems and devices.
Therefore, Completing the Microsoft Azure Exam Certification can find possible career advancements in System administrations, Systems Analytics, Technical Specializations in SQL Server, Exchange Server and Skype for Business Platforms.

Azure Certification and Training Preparation

Important to realize, Microsoft offers various courses this helps you achieve your career transformation. These Certifications are extremely valuable and play a critical role in Career advancements. Also, the hiring process in Top Management areas in the range of organizations.
Trainocate is Gold Learning Partner of Microsoft and offers number courses in one of the most sought badges in the IT industry. Another key point the Role-Based Microsoft training and Certification is trending among IT Professionals. Quickly reach out to enrol for your upcoming Microsoft Training and Certification. For each Microsoft Technical course, Trainocate follows Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) as per guidelines. Microsoft Certified Trainers handle these Training program and ensure the best learning experience for you. Reach out to us to know more details on the latest updates.

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