Everything About Becoming A Certified Project Management Professional

Project Management Careers have increased with the rapid growth of the industry demands. Clients select the PMP’s to handle projects and request employers to do the same. Each Project Manager is a Certified Project Management Professional. Let’s talk about the process in detail, the benefits of being a Certified Project Management Professional.

Certified Project Management Professional

Project Management Professional (PMP) is a professional certification for Project Management professionals which is authorized by the PMI. PMP Certified candidates are recognized worldwide and have outstanding project completion rates, skills and standards. For Project managers, The Project Management Professional (PMP)® is a widely acknowledged one.

Along with PMP Certification, the PMI offers seven other certifications ser for the golden project management standards, provides resources, and value for several million professionals working in the roles of project management, along with opportunities available worldwide. Maximum benefit is for the employers because, when 33% of their project managers are PMP certified, all their projects are finished well before their schedules, targets are achieved within their stipulated budget. In these highly competitive environments, PMP is the most recognized certification and earning potential and the salary range of a PMP certified individual is 0.2 times higher than his or her non-Certified counterpart.

A project manager takes complete responsibility for the project and its life, Decision management and planning of the scheduled budget and resources to execute a project with internal teams and demonstrate an appropriate technique to ongoing projects to have well-defined requirements and deliverables.

Steps to Achieve PMP and maintain:

Tips and tricks of PMP exam

Instantly, the PMP application demands you organize your work experience. Overall there are 200 Multiple Choice Questions and the duration is 4 hours. Every three years, one must earn 60 Professional Development Units. Meanwhile, The prerequisites are Higher Secondary School certification, 7500 hours of directing and leading projects and CAPM certification (or) 35 hours of Project management education


University degree of 4 years, 4,500 hours directing projects and leading and CAPM certification (or) 35 hours of Project management education

Firstly, review the latest PMP exam content outline, next sample questions for PMP Exam, keep yourself updated with PMBOK Guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge) and Finally enrol in PMO training at organizations like Trainoate which help you in the process of achieving your project management education thereby becoming a PMP certified professional

Register in PMP certification training

It’s mandatory for every project manager to attend 35 hours of training on Project Management Professional Training before appearing for the exam as it is a prerequisite. This is irrespective of the experience the individual holds. This training gives the individual the receiving the formal education, learning and understanding the best practices which can be used at organizational levels.

Recollect PMBOK Guides & Standards

PMI members have special access to the PMBOK guides and standards. Meanwhile, the latest version gives the sample questions for exam preparation. To summarize, Membership opens access to networking groups, seminars and discounts in examination fees and re-certification costs

Practice with Mock tests

As a matter of fact, these mock tests help you analyse. Furthermore, help you concentrate on areas you need to improve on and the areas you are an expert at. It also helps you with time management during the exam processes

Steps after the Certified Project Management Professional Exam

In the first place, after intensive preparation, it’s easier for you to Achieve Professional Certification. Subsequently, you should reach the next level by meeting PMI’s continuing certification. Every three years once you have earned the 60 Professional Development Units. This is reasonable to maintain because you have achieved more than 60 hours earlier. On the whole, it requires complete preparation of about 2-3 months to get ready for the exam.

Important to realize, for the first attempt, it will be a wise option to choose the PMP Exam Prep course from reputed training centres. With this in mind, get Trained at Trainocate and prepare yourself for the exam.

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