Robotic Process Automation for 2021: Digital Transformation Popular Applications


Major conglomerates have invested in automation in the past few years to reinvent their business processes. Gartner research says Global Robotic process automation (RPA) software revenue to reach $2 Billion in 2021. High volume repetitive task performed can be automated with a software called Robotic Process Automation. For instance, RPA facilitates the configuration of “digital workers” or “bots”, which captures and deciphers assignments on pre-existing applications. Indeed, the primary goal of RPA is to enable employees to centralize high priority tasks and offloading routine work to “bots”. Another key point, RPA mimics inputs, improves efficiency and minimizes errors. Without delay, let us discuss the Popular Applications of Robotic Process Automation for 2021 below.

RPA adoption is on Demand

COVID-19 pandemic demands the need for Automation. The remote workforce demands digital transformation strategies to improve productivity. Robotic Process Automation software automates by providing end to end automation and accelerates the integration of AI and Smart analytics. The RPA software helps automate repetitive mundane human tasks. There are several applications built on automation. UiPath platform enables managing workforce through the high-end automation process.

Popular Applications of RPA

There are several methods to make use of RPA, some of the top applications of Robotic Process Automation Applications include:

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, any Customers expect faster responses and solutions. When a customer approaches chatbots, Automated Customer care systems handle initial queries. Furthermore, Questions are categorized and sorted. Sorting ensures the appropriate customer care team works on the query. 70-80 % of Rule-based customer service can be streamlined and automated. Obviously a common Robotic Process Automation application in everyday life.

Invoice Process

Generally, repetitive large volume tasks end up in late and incorrect payments and lead to poor customer experience. Also, it is important to realize invoice processing is a challenging task and requires automation for the consolidation of data into a database system. Usually, RPA automates data processes using OCR minimizing human efforts. In summary a widely used Robotic Process Automation application everyone knows.

Sales Orders

Sales representative spends times in CRM and ERP system. Finance analysts replicate the data into another module and might end up in duplication or potential errors thereby, affecting productivity. In other words, RPA performs sales tasks end-to-end by automating invoicing and sales order entry etc.

Price Comparison & Storing Customer Information

Price comparison is essential when placed an order in bulk. Before purchase, quality and price must be kept in mind. Manual research consumes a lot of time. RPA can be incorporated to compare prices in such scenarios. A useful application of Robotic Process Automation stores critical customer data and organizes it for easier access. Based on criteria like purchase information, contact details, personal data the data is categorized. RPA minimizes error with accuracy and makes storing easier. RPA adoption can reduce repetitive tasks by nearly 80%.

Processing HR Information and Payroll

Handling and processing HR information is a huge task and takes a lot of time. In fact, the business generates a lot of data which is difficult to organize. As a matter of fact, RPA System can collate and sort HR information like payroll, reimbursements, employee history etc. Employee productivity and work culture are important tasks to pay attention to.

Handling and processing HR information is a huge task and takes a lot of time. In fact, the business generates a lot of data which is difficult to organize. As a matter of fact, RPA System can collate and sort HR information like payroll, reimbursements, employee history etc. Employee productivity and work culture can be focused which are Non-automation tasks.    

Quick Refund Processing

RPA system effectively processes refunds without delay, which otherwise is a tedious task. Faster refunds improve to ensure a good customer experience. Complaints return processes are hard to sort out and generate a lot of data. Customers want the refund process to seamless process. With RPA it is easier and creates a positive impact on your organization reputation.

Hiring Process

The Robotic Process Automation can handle 90-95 % of crucial recruitment process like shortlisting, assessing, quantifying, onboarding and managing employees. Additionally, RPA assists in recruitment and streamlines the whole hiring process. Also, the system accesses resume from various platform, excludes invalid and spam applications.

Data Extraction

We all know that the Data available in various formats can be hard to incorporate into the system. However, Optical character recognition technology makes things easier. On average, an employee spends around 10-20% of their recitative computer tasks. Furthermore, RPA can save that time and help employees focus on higher-value tasks. When a business demands the collection and storage of data from multiple sources, RPA is a good investment plan.

Beyond RPA

Hyper Automation is one of the cutting-edge technologies in the Automation universe. It is faster and more sophisticated, enables the enterprise to process data and perform business optimization across industries. Data processing leverages Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and RPA techniques.

Hyper automation unlocks maximum potential for an automated enterprise by handling DevOps, monitoring, management, boosting productivity, efficiency and automating end-to-end workflows.

Popular Robotic Process Automation Applications 2021 give us a perspective of real-time Robotic Process Automation. Reinvent your workplace with the leading RPA platform with UiPath Certification. Explore the range of courses available at Trainocate immediately.

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Robotic Process Automation is at the centre of the enterprise digital transformation strategies. Popular Robotic Process Automation Applications offers the need to automate business processes quickly and easily, eliminating human intervention, and simultaneously provide a wealth of business intelligence that was never available before. Additionally, it also has the capabilities, unique strategies and execution, including digital transformation with tools to automate.

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