Scrum Method: The Five Benefits

Defining Scrum

Before we delve into the nuts and bolts of the Scrum method, let’s unravel what Scrum actually means. This blog post will shed light on the advantages of employing the Scrum method. We will also explore what it means to be Scrum certified.

“A set of meetings tools and roles that work in tandem.” This is how the Altassian Agile Coach describes Scrum. Ultimately, its a framework made out of a list good practices aimed at helping teams find the best possible solutions for complex problems.

Scrum is primarily empirical. This opens a window of opportunity to aid – conceptualisation, run trials, review performance and rectify the product.

“To take advantage of Scrum benefits, you need to trust in empiricism, find out more about the Scrum framework by using it, continually inspect and adopt your implementation of Scrum.” 

  • Better Quality 
  • Delivering value faster
  • Increased productivity 
  • Better ability to incorporate changes/flexibility/agility 
  • Increased employee morale/higher team morale 
  • Delivering better quality with Scrum

    “A project exists to accomplish a vision or a goal.”

    By using the scrum framework, projects would be  able to receive continual feedback and exposure, ensuring that the quality remains at its pinnacle. The scrum methodology also incorporates daily testing and feedback from product owners which allows the development team to immediately deal with any issues. 

    Delivering value faster 

    Projects implementing scrum has a proven history of providing value and achieving goals at a faster rate. By receiving feedback with each sprint, problems are rectified faster.

    “With Scrum, tasks are prioritised by order of importance and this usually means that tasks to be completed  first will probably affect return on investment the most.”

    By releasing ‘done’ chunks of prioritised work in a sprint, portions of your product is on the market faster than in traditional projects where completed work is released in total at the end of the project” 

    Increased productivity with Scrum Method

    “The Scrum method which is a part of an agile working concept, aims to flip that norm to its ear.”

    What sets the Scrum method apart is, it places emphasis on the teams and all mandatory teams and projects come to them instead. 

    Better ability to incorporate changes/flexibility/agility 

    One of the most prominent benefits that Scrum offers is the element of adaptability. Changes are very easily supported and integrated within a project that is currently underway. 

    “If something is not going awry, communications to stakeholders and customers occurs much quieter even if only at the end – as the sprint periods are shorter and comes about more frequently – allows the team to pivot into corrective action faster.”

    Increases employee morale/ higher team morale 

    A Scrum team typically does not have a leader/manager. This helps the team identify the project as their own and boost morale. In each Scrum team, there exists a Scrum Master, who mentors and protects them from outside negative pressure.

    With the utilization of techniques like pair programming, there an increased rate of knowledge if compared to coding alone. A lot of these reasons contribute to an increased morale and job satisfaction is higher.

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