Ten Reasons to get Microsoft Certified

To stay competitive in the industry, your employers and clients rely on you to stay ahead of the tech curve. In your career as a technology professional, you’re aware of changes coming in waves. Maybe they look to you when they evaluate a move to the cloud, or maybe they bring you a problem and point to an existing tech stack for solutions you may or may not be able to create. Whatever the scenario, you can be sure that the skills you bring to the table are critical on many levels. Since the success of any organisation depends on whether tech intensity is achieved, certification and training become even more important.

1. Recognition from an Industry Leader

Most businesses rely on Microsoft technologies and services to keep mission-critical applications and processes up and running. More than half of IT decision-makers worldwide say they expect their organisation to invest in Microsoft technology this year. That means there is a high demand for professionals skilled in Microsoft technologies, and a Microsoft Certification validates your ability to perform in a modern digital business.

2. Get a Solid Foundation

Microsoft has created three types of certifications, each one to validate different aspects of how you use technology to solve business problems. Fundamentals certifications build and validate your understanding of technologies that businesses use. The combination of conceptual principles and applied learning lay the foundation for the deeper, role-based learning paths and certifications offered by Microsoft. They start with building the foundational skills professionals need, then provide an avenue to deeper technical skills required to perform industry roles and are kept up-to-date based on market and industry demands.

3. Highly Desirable New Skills

Research shows that IT professionals who have achieved a relevant technical certification are more likely to believe that dedication, hard work and willingness to use new tools can lead them to technology competency. And this is what’s called having a ‘growth mindset’. Technical professionals with a growth mindset put energy into learning and using new skills that can benefit their employers and fill crucial skills gaps. 91% of certified technical professionals believe that the effort put into acquiring new skills strongly contributes to their digital transformation success.

4. Your Dream Job

60% of IT hiring managers stated that applications with IT certifications are significantly more likely to be reviewed. While 56% of candidates who earned IT certifications increased their chances of advancing and being promoted in their current roles, by acquiring new skills and knowledge. Adding a Microsoft certification to your resume can make you stand out and give you the edge you need to get your next job or even a new career. With a Microsoft certification, you validate your skills and ability and showcase your energy and commitment to embracing learning new technologies.

5. Higher Earnings

About 28% of technical professionals say getting certified led to salary or wage increases, and 216% report job promotions. And certified IT professionals get promoted more than 50% faster than non-certified IT professionals. Tech certifications increase the rate of promotions and over time, this adds up to big dividends for your career.

6. A New Career Path

Role-based certifications give you a professional edge by providing globally recognised, industry-endorsed evidence of skills mastery, demonstrating abilities and willingness to embrace new technologies in a digital world. Microsoft Certifications can be your ticket to the growing cloud market. Microsoft Azure alone accounts for 17% of the worldwide cloud market – and continues to expand on the fast track. With role-based certifications from Microsoft, more attractive and exciting careers are open to you.

7. Earn Credibility in the Cloud Era

Currently, 92% of organisations have a cloud strategy and are embracing cloud computing. With more and more businesses investing in cloud computing, those specific skills are in high demand. Earning a Microsoft Certification helps position you to be a part of that growth opportunity.

8. Confidence In your Career

91% say their certification builds confidence. 84% report having a greater determination to succeed professionally. And 76% have greater job satisfaction and are respected by their co-workers. Earning a Microsoft Certification is an investment in yourself and your career.

9. The Admiration of your Employer

94% of decision-makers worldwide said certified team members provide added value that goes above and beyond the cost of certification. The report continues to say that certification holders are considered to be trustworthy and capable of filling leadership roles because of their willingness to invest the time, effort and money to obtain a certification. Earning certifications shows your organisation that you are willing to put in the extra effort to build and validate your skills.

10. Recognition by Colleagues

Your peers who have put in the work to earn certifications believe the effort is worthwhile. Certified individuals have seen the benefits in their own lives and careers. More than 89% of certified technical professionals say they would recommend certification to a friend or colleague looking to advance their career in a tech-related field.

Who you Learn from Matters

Microsoft certification and training from Trainocate can prepare you for the roles that employers are looking to fill. The certification and training from Trainocate include problem-solving and critical thinking, as well as technical specialisations, hands-on experience and practice requirements, which help you skill up for in-demand jobs. Get started today to boost your career and position yourself for growth in the long run.

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