The Benefits of UiPath Certification

Robotic process automation (RPA) has emerged as a key technology for streamlining business processes in the enterprise. As organizations increasingly adopt RPA, which relies on software robots to automate tedious tasks, expertise with RPA tools and implementations will become more important for business analysts, business intelligence developers, data or solutions architects, and system integrators or administrators, among other IT roles.

What is UIPath?

UiPath was founded in 2005 in Bucharest, Romania as DeskOver, by Romanian entrepreneurs Daniel Dines and Marius Tîrcă. UiPath develops software to automate repetitive digital tasks normally performed by people. The technology combines emulating how humans read computer screens (AI Computer Vision) with APIs and gives users access to prebuilt automation components that can be combined to automate routine processes. This tool can be incorporated with technologies that include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Process Management (BPM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Why get a UiPath RPA certification?

Automation has given a brand-new definition to work the way it was done earlier and the way it is done today. With digitalization comes the need to employ experts versed with specific skill sets to handle complex technology; UiPath is one solution to this problem. However, most people are concerned about whether it is easy to learn and get certified. Candidates possessing higher expertise in RPA can widen their career opportunities. Such a skill provides flexibility and freedom. You can also work from home as an RPA developer. A certificate in UiPath guarantees that you stay ahead of your counterparts in terms of career and skill set. You will be more competitive in the job market since most firms are gradually switching to automation. It is a skill whose relevance stays in the market for decades.

Since the certification does not expire, you will always have evidence that you have the skill; hence, it will always come in handy at any point in your career.

Benefits of a UiPath RPA Certification

  • Be part of the new norm in the Robotic Process Automation world with enterprises managing their work through automation across industry sectors.
  • Validate your knowledge and skills with UiPath certification training for the latest RPA tools and techniques used in the industry.
  • Achieve a higher salary as a UiPath certified professional. Usually, the salary differs for a UiPath certified professional depending on their experience, job role, and the location where they belong.
  • Gain a universal UiPath certification that is relevant for professionals across industry sectors with little or no technical knowledge of IT.
  • Be part of an evolving technological business landscape that is moving towards robotic process automation that is replacing traditional human-based repetitive and rule-based processes.
  • Aspiring RPA professionals will have a profitable UiPath career progression with global recognition.
  • Join the new RPA professional network with UiPath certification training to gain an in-depth understanding of how RPA is maturing across various sectors.

In Conclusion

The UiPath-commissioned IDC Thought Leadership White Paper, The Economic Impact of UiPath Robotic Process Automation, states that “the economic benefits expected by the use of RPA software by UiPath customers will grow at a blistering pace, from $7 billion worldwide in 2021 to $55 billion in 2025.”* Part of this growth is due to the net-new jobs UiPath is creating; IDC forecasts that by 2025, 73 million new jobs will be created from the use of UiPath RPA.

Come train with Trainocate and explore what UiPath Certification has to offer to improve business productivity and workforce efficiency.

UIPATH-BASIC – Step into Robotic Process Automation v3.0  

UIPATH-BUSINESS – Introduction to RPA for Business v3.0  

UIPATH-RPADD – Robotic Process Automation Design & Development v3.0  

UIPATH-RPAADD – RPA Advanced Design and Development v3.0  

UIPATH-RPASAP – SAP Automation with UiPath V3.0

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