Ways To Build Your Graphic Design Career In The Gaming Industry

Most graphic designers will say “they design logos, business cards, and t-shirts” or something involving 2D visuals. Modern games are primarily 3D, so it might be a challenge to see how a graphic designer can break into the video game industry with your current skill set. Contrary to this, video game graphics go beyond three-dimensional visuals to be effective. There are many reasons why game designers and programmers would need the visual insights of a graphic designer. Read on for a few ways you can apply graphic design in the gaming industry!

  • Branding and Marketing
  • Each game has its own logo, launch screen, and social media account profile. This makes graphic designers in charge of the game’s branding, as they create the game’s identity through its main visuals. Graphic designers also create marketing materials such as posters, youtube thumbnails, instagram stories, billboards, and so on that are used to promote the game and attract users. In a world where content reigns supreme and attention spans are short, a design has only a second or less to capture the attention of a potential customer. A graphic designer would know how to achieve that, thus increasing user registers and purchases. 

  • User Interface (UI)
  • The UI is the visual arrangement that enables the player to interact with the game and access its tools and settings. Aside from designing game icons and navigation bars, a graphic designer’s help is also needed with the visual hierarchy of the game. Visual hierarchy ensures that the game’s most important features are easily accessible, readable, and identifiable. Graphic design in video games simplifies the in-game displays and organizes them to be simple to understand and use.

  • In-Game Graphic Assets
  • Most video games are a mix of 2D and 3D visuals like Roblox. In big game studios, game assets like road signs, billboards, dialogue boxes are passed on to graphic designers. With a better sense of typography and visual placements, graphic designers are a big help in improving the look and feel of video games. We also have graphic games, online training courses please call us or send us an email.

    Level Up Your Graphic Design Career In Gaming Graphics

    Much like with graphic games, online training courses are the power-ups you need to move on to the next level of graphic design career. Unlock more of your skills and be prepared to rank up with Trainocate. Trainocate houses over 60 instructors with industry experience that will give you the leverage you need in your chosen profession. Feel free to send us your inquiries via our contact form!

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