Your VMware Certification: How the Badges and Certifications Work Together

VMware defines professional credentials as the validation of knowledge and/or skills within a specific domain. In everyday terms, that means that through professional testing, we prove our candidates know their stuff, and we stand behind them.

Credentials include both certifications and digital badges. Both prove expertise of skills; each have their purpose and scope.

Career Certifications include the VCTA, VCP, VCAP, and VCDX. These certifications align to industry job roles and show expertise across one of VMware’s solution areas. While centered on a key product (vSphere or NSX Data Center, for example), the certification exams may include skills on additional products within the domain that the job role requires.

Digital Badges are built to a more narrow scope. For example, Specialist certifications are a type of badge that are built on top of a career certification, proving additional expertise on a specific product (vSAN, for example). Other types of badges include: Skills badges, which represent a stand-alone set of skills that don’t require a prerequisite certification, often used for off-prem product skills; Milestone badges represent a combination of other certifications or badges, such as the VCIX; Contributor badges are awarded to those who help build our certification exams.

Working together, the certifications and badges that you earn will show your unique learning and skills journey and capabilities.

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