Nutanix Certification Path

Nutanix Certifications has proved to be one of the trending certifications for the year 2020 and rightfully so, considering the sheer amount of development in the hyper-converged storage infrastructure. Hence it’s obvious that everyone wants a career in this cutting-edge technology. 

Hence We’ll be trying to explain the structure of the Nutanix Certification program and pathway so that you can make a well-informed decision in choosing the certification of your choice.

What is the Nutanix certification program?

Working in a Hyper-converged infrastructure ecosystem isn’t rocket science but it isn’t a walk in the park either. You got to have a very strong and deep understanding of the fundamentals as well as the intricacies of the entire ecosystem to build a potent career in it. Hence to assist all aspiring to have a career in it, the Nutanix training program is designed to help you in building your foundational skillsets and also scale it up as you progress through your career.

Structure of Nutanix Certification Path

Nutanix Certification Program is uncomplicated and easy to understand. It consists of three levels of certification each with its own associated training meant for the specifically designated experience levels. 

You refer to the certification path for more information on the hierarchical structure of the certification program below.

Nutanix Certification Path

  • NCP-MCI -Nutanix Certified Professional – Multicloud Infrastructure 
  • Note: NCP – MCI was previously named as NCP – Nutanix Certified Professional

    NCP is the opening certification among the trio of available certifications. Any candidate pursuing this certification should have approximately 3-6 months of experience working with AOS implementation. 

    They are typically infrastructure personnel who are capable of deploying and administering nutanix AOS nodes, blocks, and clusters and can use a prism element to monitor, manage, troubleshoot AHV hosts, and virtual machines. It’s also recommended that the candidate should have additional general systems admin experience. 

    Associated Training – ECA – Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Administration 5.15

  • NPX – Nutanix Platform Expert
  • NPX is the elite certification awarded by Nutanix Training Program. Earning the elite NPX certification validates that you have demonstrated the ability to design and deliver enterprise-class solutions on the Nutanix platform, using multiple hypervisors and vendor software stacks. 

    The candidates pursuing this certification are experienced and expert technologies, pre-sales engineers, post-sales consultants, and solution architects with a considerable amount of experience in hyper-converged infrastructure in the enterprise.

    Associate Training – NECSD – Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Solution Design Boot Camp

    With all this information you should be able to make the right decision in choosing the certification for yourself. In case you need further assistance then you can reach out to us and our training consultant would gladly help you out.

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