Certified: 10 Reasons to get your Microsoft Certification

Thinking of getting certified? 

We can give you ten reasons why you should.

Technology professionals have witnessed the fast paced changes that come in waves within the tech domain. Most of us are also made very aware of the importance to stay competitive in the industry. What better way than through training and certifications?

Employees and clients rely on us to stay ahead of the tech curve. This could be for a number of things. Cloud evaluation, point out a problem, or provide a solution. The scenarios may be varied, but the skills you bring to the table are crucial on so many levels. 

“Since the success of any organisation depends on whether or not tech intensity is achieved, training and certification, seems pretty important all the time, but especially right now.”

#1 The Recognition 

There is a burgeoning demand for professionals equipped with Microsoft skills. Receiving a certification from an industry leader is recognition to your ability in performing in the current digital landscape. 

#2 The Foundation 

There are three types of certification. Each one demonstrates your skills in how you utilise technology to overcome business problems . Microsoft is one of the most sought after certifications held by technical professionals globally.

They start with building the foundational skills professionals need and the acquisition of deeper technical skills to perform industry roles and are kept up to date based on market and industry demands. 

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#3 The Job 

“Over half of IT decision-makers believe the main benefits of certified individual is their ability to help close organisational skills gap seen in an everchanging technology environment.”

The addition of a Microsoft certification to your resume could give you the extra edge you might require to score your next gig. 

#4 The Salary 

Another way that certifications could help you is by providing you that salary bump

Approximately “35 percent of technical professionals say getting certified led to salary or wage increases and 26% percent report job promotions.”

To add, 50% of technical professionals that are certified are 50% more likely to get promoted when compared to those who are not certified.

#5  The Growth Mindset 

Research has proven that technical professionals who have gained certifications are more likely to believe that it takes dedication, hard work and willingness to try new tools to succeed. 

#6 The Career 

Have you been thinking of re-aligning your career path?

Microsoft’s role-based certification provides you that “professional edge” by acting as the testament to your skills and ability to embrace the latest technologies of the digital world. 

“Microsoft certifications can be your ticket to a growing cloud market,” with Microsoft Azure accounting for 17% of the global cloud market. 

#7 The Credibility 

Let’s not beat around the bush. Cloud computing has taken over the world.

If you have the skills, you will be in demand.

A whopping “sixty percent of organisations planned to invest in cloud computing.

“Fifty eight percent of IT departments worldwide say that Microsoft Azure is a key driver of increased cloud investment.”

Your certification could help you earn credibility and be a part of the massive cloud migration movement. 

#8 Your Employers Admiration 

To put it plain and simple, your certification’s main aim is to get you to stand out. To talk in numbers, “ninety three percent of business decision makers around the world say that certified employees add more value than the cost of the certification.”

Your certification is proof that you are willing to go the extra mile at your job.

#9 The Confidence 

“Sixty seven percent of technical professionals say certification builds confidence . “Forty percent say it helped them earn respect.” High levels of positivity within a workplace inadvertently increases productivity. 

#10 ‘I told you so’

Many who have attained a Microsoft certification would recommend getting certified to their friends and colleagues who are thinking of advancing their technical careers. 

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