Digital Learning Should Be Priority for IT Professionals

The continual progressions in the IT industry comes with many challenges. This has inadvertently impacted both our professional and personal lives. An Oracle University blog post sheds some light on reasons IT professionals should re-think digital learning.

Unlike development in other support functions, for example breakthroughs in Finance or Human Resources results in the  improvement of the overall efficiency of the business; headways made in IT could influence the very nature of the business.

Technological stacks are constantly innovating at the speed of light.

The pertinent question then falls on – “how can today’s IT professional keep pace with an industry that is in a state of perpetual evolution?” 

“The Time for IT Learning is Always Now.” 

The rapid growth of the IT sector has compelled businesses to be on it, at all times. With more technologies to keep up with, there is the issue of time constraint, to ensure skills are always up-to-date. 

The day-to-day organisational and maintenance tasks, IT planning, implementation, upgrades managed by the IT worker tends to overwhelm them. Holding them back from setting aside allocated time to refresh and gain new knowledge. By moving to a digital learning platform, you could easily mitigate this issue.

“Yet each day that you are not learning about the latest technologies, is a day when your knowledge and skills become more obsolete. Your market value and career prospects are inextricably linked to your ability to keep up with the latest technologies.”  

“A Paradigm Shift from Classroom Training” 

Classroom training undoubtedly has its own set of benefits. A quicker troubleshooting when faced with technical problems and a smoother communication process in, to name a few. 

Nonetheless, this could cause a barrier for the current rate that knowledge has to be acquired and updated. Classroom training usually requires booking months in advance. Group training on the other hand, might not run at the optimum learning speed. Additionally, you might be consuming irrelevant material that might not be utilised in your specific job role.

These statistics provide some interesting insights on why opting for digital learning might be the way to go, in order to maintain relevant knowledge whilst reducing the risk of your skills becoming obsolete. 


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