How to gain Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations?

If you’re a business looking to implement Microsoft technologies, you may have heard of Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations. These certifications are given to companies that have demonstrated expertise and skills in using Microsoft products and services to solve business problems. Becoming a Microsoft Solutions Partner can provide your business with access to various benefits and opportunities within the Microsoft ecosystem. In this blog post, we will look at how you can become a Microsoft Solutions Partner, and the benefits you will gain.

What are Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations?

Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations are a form of certification that recognize companies with specialized expertise in using Microsoft technologies to provide solutions to businesses. This recognition is given to companies that have a deep understanding of Microsoft products and services and have demonstrated their ability to apply them to solve complex business problems. By achieving these designations, companies can showcase their proficiency in delivering innovative and effective solutions using Microsoft technologies. This in turn can help build trust and confidence with clients, as well as provide access to a wide range of benefits and resources within the Microsoft ecosystem. Overall, Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations are a powerful tool for companies looking to differentiate themselves and demonstrate their commitment to providing top-quality services to their clients.

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Why become a Microsoft Solutions Partner?

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, companies gain access to a variety of resources and benefits that can help them grow their business and deepen their expertise in Microsoft technologies.

  • Access to training and support resources: These resources can help companies stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and best practices, and build their skills in using Microsoft products and services to meet their clients’ needs.
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities: Microsoft Solutions Partners can promote their partnership with Microsoft and use Microsoft branding in their marketing materials.
  • Access to Microsoft’s network of partners and customers: Solutions Partners gain access to Microsoft’s network of partners and customers, which can provide opportunities for collaboration and business development.
  • Access to software licenses: Solutions Partners can access a range of software licenses at no or reduced cost to use in their own business or to resell to their customers.

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What is the process and timing for renewing Solutions Partner Designations?

Your company can renew a Solutions Partner designation in Partner Center. You need to meet the Solutions area performance, skilling and customer success requirements and pay the annual fee within the renewal window to retain Solutions Partner designation status and access to associated benefits.

Prior to renewing your membership, the Global admin or Account admin for your company needs to review and update your business information. They can access the company profile in Partner Center to see the status and review what information needs to be updated. Extra documentation may be required to verify your information.

Your renewal window begins on the anniversary of your purchase date plus one day. For example, if your Anniversary date of the Membership offer is September 1, 2021, your 30-day renewal period begins on September 2, 2021. The users having the MPN Partner admin roles in your company receive the renewal communication leading up to your anniversary date and 30 days after. You’ll continue to have access to associated benefits during the renewal window.

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Action Pack Partner

Action Pack Partner is a program offered by Microsoft for companies that are just getting started with Microsoft technologies and want access to a range of tools and resources to help them build their business. This program provides partners with access to Microsoft software licenses, training materials, support, and other resources that can help them develop their skills and grow their businesses.

To participate in the Action Pack Partner program, companies must pay an annual subscription fee and meet certain eligibility criteria, such as having a valid Microsoft Partner Network membership, being a registered business, and having a business email address.

Some of the benefits of the Action Pack Partner program include:

  • Access to Microsoft software licenses: Participants in the program receive access to Microsoft software licenses for internal use, including the latest versions of Microsoft Office, Windows, and other Microsoft products.
  • Access to training and certification: The program provides access to a range of training and certification resources, including online training courses, exam vouchers, and other educational materials.
  • Technical support: Participants receive priority access to technical support from Microsoft, which can help them resolve technical issues more quickly and efficiently.
  • Marketing resources: The program provides access to marketing resources, such as customizable sales and marketing materials, as well as online marketing tools and templates.

The Action Pack Partner program is designed to provide new Microsoft partners with the resources and support they need to build a successful business around Microsoft technologies. While it may not provide the same level of benefits and recognition as the Gold or Silver Partner programs, it can still be a valuable resource for companies that are just starting out.


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How to become a Microsoft Solutions Partner?

Becoming a Microsoft Solutions Partner involves going through a certification process that demonstrates your expertise in Microsoft technologies. The exact process can vary depending on the Solutions Partner Designation being pursued, but generally involves the following steps:

Step 1: Register for the Microsoft Partner Network

To become a Microsoft Solutions Partner, your company needs to be registered with the Microsoft Partner Network. This is a free program that provides access to various resources and benefits for partners.

Step 2: Meet the requirements for the Solutions Partner Designation

Each Solutions Partner Designation has its own set of requirements that a company must meet to become certified. These requirements generally involve demonstrating technical expertise in Microsoft technologies, providing customer references and case studies, and passing exams or assessments.

Step 3: Apply for the Solutions Partner Designation

Once your company has met the requirements for the Solutions Partner Designation, you can apply for certification. The application process generally involves providing documentation and evidence of your company’s qualifications and expertise.

Step 4: Maintain the Solutions Partner Designation

Once certified, your company needs to maintain the Solutions Partner Designation by meeting ongoing requirements and demonstrating continued expertise in Microsoft technologies.

Trainocate, partnered with Microsoft, is dedicated to supporting the digital acceleration of individuals and organizations through simple applications or complex integration solutions. If you’re interested in becoming a Microsoft Solutions Partner, register for the Microsoft Partner Network and start exploring the requirements for the Solutions Partner Designation that’s right for your business, click here to know more and download your free guide.  

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