The Benefits of AWS Certification

The benefits of AWS certification refers directly to the long-term potential of the cloud. Learning never stops, be it for a student, or a seasoned professional. People of all ages are eager to enrol for a certification course relevant to their profession and boost their learning curve. Certifications are an industry-proven way of reaffirming your worth to your employer and prospective hirer. When aligned with your area of expertise, a professional certification can bridge the little gaps that can propel you to the next level in your career path.

The cloud is slowly becoming the default norm for all businesses to ensure technical operations. Many companies are shifting to the cloud, and AWS certification can deliver a competitive advantage to your career.

Why AWS is an Industry Game Changer

AWS is considered a market leader of cloud computing services, making it a reference point and thought leader among its competitors. For the 10th year in a row, AWS was named as an Infrastructure & Platform Services Magic Quadrant leader by Gartner in 2020, and it takes the lion’s share in today’s cloud computing services market.

The Benefits of AWS Certification to a Professional

If you are a professional already working with AWS cloud infrastructure, enrolling for AWS certification can help you increase your knowledge of AWS services. You get to explore how different aspects of the platform work such as costing, security, scalability, and many others. These new skills equip you with the tools required to use the platform for the organization you are working in.

For the new AWS user, certification increases your chances of getting well-paying positions. The certifications authenticate your AWS-related skills, which appeal more to firms today than your previous job experiences alone.

The Demand for AWS Expertise

AWS certification serves as an ideal instrument for bridging the gap of skills that businesses require for various cloud-related tasks. Thousands of companies that provide AWS solutions can readily provide jobs to AWS certified candidates. The certification in a candidate’s resume clearly showcases their commitment to professional development. So, employers are more likely to emphasize certified candidates for specific job positions.

Increased Salary

AWS certifications surely boost the prospects for an AWS professional to command a higher salary in comparison to non-certified candidates.  More than 80% of employees identified a higher salary as a direct result of cloud certification, a State of Cloud report found, while 82% of hiring managers say cloud certifications make a candidate more attractive.

Showcase your dedication to the Cloud industry

An AWS certification is a demonstration of your commitment level to the industry and the best practices. Earning an AWS certification requires a significant amount of time, dedication, hard work, and effort. This dedication is inspiring to many, especially employers.

In Conclusion

An AWS certification can help you stand out in the crowd and stay ahead of the fast-growing cloud market. Not only does it establish your credentials but also offers you a chance to broaden your professional network. Certification also provides professional development and continuous learning.

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