Top 5 Microsoft Azure Training Courses For Beginners This 2022

As more firms migrate their on-premise software and applications to Microsoft Azure, the demand for Azure certified developers, administrators, and cloud architects is increasing tremendously. For IT professionals and aspiring ones alike, this is a golden opportunity to study Azure and advance your career. Good thing the best beginner Azure courses have your back even if you’re starting from square one, so check them out below!

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam Prep Specialization 

In case you need help to pass your AZ-900 Exam, this learning course from Microsoft and Coursera will not only teach you the fundamentals, but will help you prepare for Azure’s certification exam! The materials will be focused on the exam objectives, from core Microsoft Azure services to general and network security.

Microsoft Azure — Beginner’s Guide

As the name suggests, this course is perfect for those learning Azure from scratch. However, you might need basic IT knowledge on networks, databases, and web servers for this. Aside from learning how Azure works, you’ll learn how to spin up virtual machines, work with storage options, and have a basic understanding of Azure web apps and functions.

Azure Data Engineer Technologies for Beginners 

For aspiring data engineers, this course is essential to deepen your knowledge about Azure data technologies like SQL Database, Data Lake, Synapse Analytics, and more.

Microsoft Azure: The Big Picture 

Once you complete this course, you’ll have the essential skills and knowledge of Microsoft Azure to be able to work on cloud solutions. Firstly, you’ll learn about cloud computing and the various ways to run application codes. Afterwards, you’ll study Azure’s data storage, processing, and analysis capabilities then build networks, integrate apps and many more!

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

This 1 day certification course from Trainocate has everything you need to learn about Microsoft Azure and more. Trainocate provides an exclusive pass to participate in hands-on labs once you take up this course. From cloud computing, IoT solutions, to service lifecycles, this training course will cover all the bases for a beginner-level Azure knowledge!

Once you’re ready to level-up your Microsoft Azure skill set, we have tons of class-certified Azure training courses waiting for you at Trainocate. With certified Microsoft trainers and Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) learning materials at your disposal, you’re guaranteed to get the best learning experience here. Please contact us for further more details.

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