The Latest WiFi 6 or WiFi 802.11ax

The Latest WiFi 6 or WiFi 802.11ax is the NextGen WiFi in the Internet Universe. WiFi 6 has a theoretical speed higher than its predecessor, WiFi 5. It helps you connect to the internet. Also, ensures you are connected to the fastest and the most efficient one. Faster internet is constantly in demand. In other words, bandwidth-demanding apps, games, and videos with our laptops and phones need faster internet. WiFi 6 will get the new spectrum in 6 GHz Band in 2019 or 2020 for improved speed. It has the most effective and improved bands compared to the existing 2.4 GHz frequencies. Let us learn more about the Unique features, usage and advantages of WiFi 6 in the blog.

Unique Features

The primary advantage is its Wireless Density, that is it can coexist with multiple devices at a given vicinity which also means it has greater device density also increasing the speed of the connection simultaneously. The speed of Wi-Fi 6 would be 9.6 Gbps. The Wi-Fi 6 is 3.5Gbps faster than the Wi-Fi 5. As a result, enables more potential speed for a specific device in the network of devices. The New standard improves performance by supporting deterministic packet scheduling. Also, increases the efficiency of the use of any given band. Additionally, improves the efficiency of power utilization in mobile devices dramatically.

Wi-Fi 6 works on new hardware not only on software updates, which means it would need a Wi-Fi 6 router. New devices will come with the Wi-Fi 6 by default, like Wi-Fi 6 compatible. This isn’t something worth rushing out and buying. But if your home is packed with Wi-Fi-connected smart devices, and things start to get sluggish in a couple of years, a WiFi 6 or WiFi 802.11ax router may be able to meaningfully help.

Where is it used Widely?

Office Networkers would find it more reliable and quicker to communicate in crowded offices. IoT device supporters can pack more low power devices into a space with limited access points. Wi-Fi 6 will eventually improve the experience of all wireless users. Remote surgery uses WiFi 6. Having said that, devices making a breakthrough in life safety applications because it is reliably deterministic and has great speed.

Why is WiFi 6 or WiFi 802.11ax faster?

WiFi 6 or WiFi 802.11ax is faster due to two technologies. MU-MIMO – Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output and OFDMA – Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access respectively.


Stands for Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output and is currently in use of modern routers and devices and is upgraded by Wi-Fi 6. This leverages the router to connect to several devices simultaneously than broadcasting to one device and to the rest up to four devices whereas Wi-Fi 6 allows up to 8 devices.

The major advantage of MU-MIMO technology is that it increases the Wi-Fi download time and decreases the wait time for each device. On the negative side would be the slower upload rate with respect to the download rate. Also one would require a router with MU-MIMO and network devices with MU-MIMO for better downloads.


Stands for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access which facilitates the router to access all devices at once and carried more Wi-Fi Signal from a router to every device. Major advantages of OFDMA are that it is Ideal for IoT, Video, and Factory Automation Applications and Facilitates parallel communications

WiFi 6 Advantages

As a matter of fact, devices that support WiFi 6 or WiFi 802.11ax are just starting to come into the market. Qualcomm’s latest flagship processor includes support for Wi-Fi 6. Certainly, destined for the next wave of top-of-the-line phones. The inclusion of Wi-Fi 6 is likely to become even more common by 2020. Additionally, WiFi 6 improves the battery life of the devices.

Wi-Fi 6 introduces several devices. This eradicates the issues faced with putting dozens of Wi-Fi devices on a single network. This facilitates connecting several devices all at once, lets routers send data to multiple devices in the same broadcast and lets Wi-Fi devices schedule check-ins with the router. With these features, the connections will become stronger as several devices start demanding data. A unique feature of WiFi 6 is that when connected to a single, it is faster than WiFi 5. Wi-Fi 6 is more efficient when more devices are connected. In other words, efficiency is higher in busier environments. To explain, imagine a situation when at home someone is watching Netflix, someone else is on a video call. Next-person is gaming. When all this is happening, temperature sensors, door locks and light switches are connected all at once. Get to know about High-Speed Public Wi-Fi zones in India.

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