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What’s Data Science and Why You Should Learn It Today

You’ve probably heard about data science from friends, colleagues, or some random video on Facebook or YouTube. That’s because businesses – regardless of the niche or size – have started embracing the value of analyzing data. Over the years, many have also started expressing their interest in taking up certification courses or programs in data science to upskill and provide more value to the organizations they work for.  

But what exactly is data science, and why should companies, IT and tech talents, and institutions start paying more attention to it?

Why Study Data Science

Data science combines various disciplines, including data analytics, business, programming, and algorithms. Apart from looking at large data sets, data scientists also have an intimate knowledge of how specific industries work. It also requires expertise (or some basic knowledge) in data visualization to help provide reports that allow company stakeholders to quickly pinpoint areas that need improvement.

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Top Benefits of Studying Data Science

If you’re not sure whether studying data science is a good option for you, here’s the list of the key benefits that you can potentially enjoy once you complete a course:

  • Chance to land a job with lucrative compensation and benefit offers
  • Access to thousands of opportunities in various sectors and functions
  • Develop technical expertise needed for a higher position in your company
  • Have a deeper understanding of Big Data, Data Analysis, and other related areas of tech
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