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Boost your data skills and unlock new opportunities by exploring the powerful capabilities of Splunk. Dive into our blog to discover why Splunk is a standout in the data analytics field and how Trainocate can equip you to master it effectively and efficiently. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your career!

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Splunk Power User Fast Start

Become a Splunk power user in this comprehensive course that covers everything from searching, analyzing, and visualizing data to creating reports, dashboards, and alerts.

INR: 3,40,000     Offer Price: INR 85,000

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Splunk Advanced Power User Fast Start

Level up your Splunk skills with this advanced course that teaches you how to use Splunk’s features such as macros, lookups, subsearches, and more. You will also learn how to create complex searches, reports, dashboards, and alerts.

INR: 2,50,000     Offer Price: INR 63,000

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Splunk Search Expert Fast Start

Master the art of Splunk search with this course that shows you how to use Splunk’s search language to perform advanced data analysis and manipulation. You will also learn how to optimize your searches, troubleshoot common issues, and use Splunk’s search commands effectively.

INR: 2,50,000     Offer Price: INR 63,000

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Splunk Enterprise System Administration

Learn how to administer and manage Splunk Enterprise in this essential course covering everything from installing, configuring, and maintaining it to monitoring, troubleshooting, and securing it. 

INR: 1,25,000     Offer Price: INR 32,000

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Splunk Enterprise Data Administration

Learn how to manage and prepare data for Splunk Enterprise in this comprehensive course that covers everything from collecting, indexing, and enriching data to using Splunk’s data management features such as data models, data quality, and data retention.

INR: 1,95,000     Offer Price: INR 48,000

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Splunk Cloud Administration

Learn how to administer and manage Splunk Cloud in this practical course that covers everything from deploying, configuring, and maintaining Splunk Cloud to monitoring, troubleshooting, and securing it.

INR: 1,70,000     Offer Price: INR 42,500

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“92 of the Fortune 100 companies rely on Splunk to unlock innovation, improve security and drive resilience.”  

The benefits of learning Splunk

Learning Splunk can bring you many benefits, both personally and professionally. Here are some of them:

  • Solve any data challenge

Splunk can work with any data, from any source and on any scale.

Splunk can help you monitor, secure, optimize, and understand your data.

  • Stunning visualisations

Splunk can help you create and customize dashboards and reports that display your data in meaningful ways.

Splunk can help you share your data stories and insights with your stakeholders.

  • Leverage ML and AI

Splunk can help you use machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze and improve your data.

Splunk can help you automate, predict, classify, and more.

Splunk can also help you build and deploy your machine-learning models.

  • Increase your employability and earning potential

Splunk is a high-demand and high-pay skill in the market today.

Splunk is used by many leading organizations and industry analysts.

Learning Splunk can help you get your dream job. Splunk-certified professionals earn 31% more than their uncertified peers.

How is Splunk Different from the Rest?

Splunk is not just another data analytics tool. Splunk is a unique and innovative platform that sets it apart from the rest. Here are some of the features that make Splunk different from the rest:

  • Splunk is fast and scalable

Splunk can process and deliver data in real-time, handle any data volume and user number, and run on any platform.

  • Splunk is flexible and adaptable

Splunk can work with any data type and source, adapt to any use case and domain, and integrate with any application.

  • Splunk is powerful and versatile

Splunk can perform any analysis and visualization, support any user and role, and enable any action and automation.

How Trainocate can help you learn Splunk

If you want to learn Splunk and get certified, Trainocate is the best choice for you. Trainocate offers a wide range of Splunk courses and certifications, flexible and convenient learning options, and experienced and certified instructors. Don’t miss this chance to learn Splunk and boost your skills and career.

Visit our website www.trainocate.com

Email: cloudacademy@trainocate.com

Call: +91 9223361686

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